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Monday, September 24, 2007

Hats OFFF...................

Let me take a breather here,
The T20 World Cup is coming to India, yes it is coming to India.
Dhoni and his men made the impossible possible bringing joy and happiness to all the fans. They have given us a reason to smile again.
All the disappointment of the world cup exit has been washed off .
BTW,then beat Pakistan in the finals, continuing the history of not loosing to them ever in a world cup match.

Thank You , INDIA

Who would have believed at the starting of this tournament that India as well as Pakistan would make it to the finals, well the writing in on the wall and they have indeed made it beating New Zealand and Australia in the semi-final.
Pakistan has only lost to India so far and India has only lost to New Zealand so far, beating England ,South Africa and Australia to their road to the finals.
India came back strongly after its loss to New Zealand,I still have nostalgic memories of Yuvraj hitting 6 sixes in a over against England,it was a rare thing.
Next came the game against South Africa in which India had to play with out Yuvraj,in which the new kid on the block Rohit Sharma announced his presence, and with some great bowling by RP Singh India won knocking out South Africa who were unbeaten in the tournament.
India had an uphill task called 'the Aussies' staring at their face, but again with some splendid batting by Yuvraj and excellent spell by Shreeshant India ran down the Aussied which has pitched one of the greatest battles in world cricket.
With only a few minutes more left for the game to start
I wish my team all the very best
No matter what the result is of this match ,you have done all of us very proud, and certainly put a smile of many of our faces ''certainly mine''.
I gave put behind the disappointment of the world cup and would surely put down the pictures of you guys in different careers from my blog cause you people are the real champs.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Match TIED , INDIA WON 3-0

Well this is what the scorecard read yesterday, an unusual site to be witnessed in the game of cricket,well India played Pakistan is its first match of T20 World cup, as the first match against Scotland was washed off due to rain.

And I must say, this match was one of the greatest Indo-Pak games that I have seen. Coming back to the match,India had a faulty start and kept on loosing wickets at regular intervals, thanks to some good batting by Robin Utappa, Dhoni, Pathan, India managed to reach 144 in 20 overs. The game was stopped at a number of times due to rain but it didn't hinder the game ,in fact it added spice to the on-field antics. When Pakistan came into bat, they looked good but midway they lost wickets and the asking rate went on increasing, at one moment of time India thought it had a victory at its hands when Shahid Afaridi was out but then the new lad Miabah took the game to a thrilling end but could only manage a draw.

India and Pakintan had already qualified for the next round, and now the tie breaker was for 2 points to lead the group ,and to do so , a BOWL-OUT was to be done. This was the first time in my 10 years of been a cricket spectator ,I was witnessing this phenomenon. The Pakistani's looked clueless at this and the Indians had already prepared for such a sitaution ,so they won 3-0 at the bowl out ,with 3 points leading the groud-D.

The World of T20 Cricket

My eyes haven't had much exposure to T20 Cricket ,and this world cup of Twenty-twenty will do just that,show us how,the game of cricket can be played with each side batting for 20 overs, it promises slam-bang cricket where the batsmen will have a field day and the bowlers will have to hide their faces often.

I hope all the fans enjoy the game of cricket in its latest avatar and here's also hoping the it makes more heads turn than before.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The LUCK factor....

India's tour to England this year was marked by some really good performances , some excellent display of batting and bowling,the fielding though still needs improvement.

Starting with the test matches, the first was washed off due to rain when England was standing on the door step of victory ,I guess the rain gods answered the prayers of all the Indian fans on that day.
The second was brilliantly won by India thanks so some really good batting by Sachin,Saurav and sharp bowling by Zaheer. Well victory was snatched from the India's in the third test ,owing to some splendid batting by the Englishmen.
India won the series 1-0 with all the guns firing geared by for the ODI's.

Coming to the ODI's, India was down 3-1 , but managed to pull two victories to set by a final , which it eventually lost. England won the the series 4-3 .
A special mention of the 6Th ODI, it was a thriller to watch, bought back memories of the Nat west series-04 final.A cricket fan can not ask for anything more.
Next up in the 20-20 world cup, lets see what it has in store for us.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Rejuvenation of team India
After the reprehensible exit of team India from the world cup, a series triumph against the South Africans which is ranked as the second ODI team in the world, is a welcome reprieve for all the Indian fans.
India went into this series as the underdogs without a coach and plagued by injuries to some strategic players, amid rumors of throng groupism and nepotism in the team. But this series marked the ambush of young blood and the resurgence of the old charms of the seniors in the team. The team looked a better unit in every department be it batting, fielding, bowling.
Coming back to yesterday's match, it was reduced to 31 overs thanks to the rain delay.
The Indian bowlers did a good job in retaining the run treat of the South Africans to a decent 148 runs and thanks to the heroics of yuvraj singh India was home with a victory and a much needed moral booster.
This is just the beginning with the up coming matches against Pakistan and the England tour, it’s a steep climb ahead for the Indians .if the keep on the current momentum going there is no stopping them.
Here’s wishing them many a wins in the future.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Future Cup ......HAHAHA

After the entire COACH DRAMA, Inida fianlly ended up without one. Coming back to the seires the team selection hasnt empresses many , after the world cup ,the selectors should be giving chance to new players but we stil see the old horses playing the matches. We still relie on the Sachin's and Saurabh's to win matches for us .

India lost the fisrt ODI but managed to pull out victory from the 2nd one,all thanks to Sachin Tendulkar,he also attained the peak of being the only batsmen in the world to score over 15,000 runs in ODIs. But just building records won't help him silence his critis which also includes me, unless and untill he delievers on a regular basis.

Lets see what happens in the 3th ODI ......